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About Me

I create successful websites that are fast, easy to use, and built with best practices. I work to make a better web. One that is fast, easy to use, beautiful, accessible to all, and frustration-free. Regardless of your specific business requirements, in solving these challenges, you have a great chance of finding success online.

My main experience is in full-stack development. In the distant 2010s, I became interested in developing sites on CMS. My choice fell on WordPress and Opencart. In WordPress I create informative websites, blogs and business card sites, as well as templates and plugins, in Opencart - online stores, individual modules and templates.

My clients have found that hiring me has saved them time and money, made it easier to grow their website alongside their business, and made for a product that is consistently of high quality. I take great pride in not only being able to complete work to the high standard you expect but also go the extra mile wherever possible.

I use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to produce responsive websites that provide users the best and most appropriate experience suited to their device and browser. I write standards based code that is semantic, accessible, search-engine friendly, easy to maintain, cross browser compatible, and performant. You can read more about my biography, experience, skills, education and much more in the PDF attached bellow:

My Services

Web Development

Responsive websites built for an optimal user experience that achieves your business goals.


Creating a good online store can be hard. Over the years I've learned the best ways to make stores that sell products and provide real value to customers.

Responsive Design

Having a responsive layout means that your website fluidly resizes for optimal viewing regardless of the screen size or device (e.g. iPhone, iPad and other).


There are a myriad of techniques involved in making a fast website, all of which I've spent years learning. I build these techniques into every site I code and can also offer this as a standalone service for existing websites.

User Focused

A website should be designed for the people who will use it, so that's exactly what I do. User focused design should be the primary goal of any website.


I am an experienced programmer who can find creative solutions to technical challenges, whilst at the same time designing sleek and visually appealing websites. I have extensive knowledge of recognized technical standards and i'm familiar with modern build practices.

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